Ongoing hope

Written by Marset/Elme

The night you came to save me
You spoke to me soft
No condescending nightmares
It pulled me trough

And I feel finding something
Guiding me safely
In all that time was nothing
I could rely on

You saved today
I said “too late”
revise my way
I can’t outstay

These moments change so swiftly
I can’t see clear
I can’t forget the feeling
Of something real

Something more I could call home
And hold close dearly
Above the madness I hear
I could breathe freely

You saved today
I said “too late”
revise the way
I can’t outstay

You’re not condescending
You’re not overwhelming
We’ve been through this old ongoing hope

You saved today
I cried too late
revise my way
I won’t outstay